FROST ODISHA :: Notice Board

We bring forth a few proposals that will enhance our visibility and activity and they are listed as below

1. Bring in new members. The form is in the website.
2. Webinar by FROST members or even outsiders atleast once a month. The speaker has to ensure audience.
3. Seminars(small once), workshops or study circles initiated by members other than President and VP, FROST
4. Exposure to press by any member, either by virtue of submitted articles, press meets, panel discussions with media etc.
5.Create a twitter handle as discussed earlier.
6.Take a representation to CM along with DG FICCI.
7.There is a lot of legislation being put forth by the Govt on waterways, ports, shipping, logistics, trade etc. for discussion and comments by citizens/experts and FROST could be a part of it.
8.Any good useful and technical info could be placed on website/whatsapp/mail for information to members.
9.Enterpreneur members could give regular talks on products, practises, proposals etc.
With all this in mind we need volunteers and involvement of our esteemed members so that our society becomes a vibrant one.
We seek your earnest participation and commitment.