About Us


  • FROST is a non-profit technical society/ forum like Institution of Engineers(India), Institution of Marine Engineers or Institution of Naval Architects.

    FROST has been conceived as a conglomeration of people who would provide a thought process for growth in Oceanographic study, Maritime sector, Shipbuilding and industrial sector, Riverine sector and Sustainability areas in the water sector in an independent manner based on collective knowledge and discussions at national and international levels.

    The group also evinces keen interest in maritime history and marine archaeology.

    Inland waterways and coastal waters are the least developed in India, particularly in the State of Odisha in spite of being a coastal state with around 480 km of coast line, which includes many rivers and the Chilika lagoon. Boats frequently capsize causing loss of life and boat. There is hardly any cargo movement, no water sports or tourism in spite of vast potential of eco-tourism and heritage tourism. Fishing activity is primitive and unsafe. The rivers and Chilika lagoon with its vast potential resources get silted, the beaches get frequently eroded leading to population migration along the coast. River waters are polluted and unsafe for human use.

    Though some states have better regulatory mechanisms than others but overall we compare poorly as regards safety of passengers, unified rules for boats on rivers, lakes, dams and in water crossings are still not in place or implemented. There is a big lag in awareness and perceptions in this area as compared to neighbouring countries and the world in general.

    The administrative and regulatory mechanism in this sector is almost non-existent. FROST is to generate awareness amongst administrators, beaurucrats and public in general in relevant areas, disseminate knowledge and skill to various stake holders and students, assist government and other stake holders in developing a road map for progress in this sector, policy generation for this purpose and highlight immediate issues of concern and growth as and when necessary.

    We also undertake institutional awareness, academic upgradation, webinars and academic lecture and value addition sessions on request.

Aims & Objectives

  • Oceanographic study areas – academic and research.
    Technologies in the maritime sector.
    Technologies in the shipbuilding and industrial sector.
    Technologies and sciences in the riverine sector.
    Sustainability areas in the water sector.
    Generate awareness among administrators, bureaucrats, and public in general regarding rivers and oceans.
    Study the ecology of Odisha of both the coastal and inland waters.
    Assist in enhancing the maritime safety of boats and small crafts.
    Organise industrial, commercial, trade, exhibitions fairs and museums for the creating awareness.
    Conduct Webinars on diverse areas of scientific and practical concerns in all aspects and areas related to water
    Interact with academic and technical institutions and bodies actively pursuing education, research and training in water related aspects across the spectrum

Office Bearers

  • Prof S C Misra, President, FROST

    Prof S C Misra retired at the end of Sep 2013 as Professor from IIT Kharagpur after relinquishing his duties as the Director of Indian Maritime University, Visakhapatnam Campus (formerly known as the National Ship Design and Research Center), under the Ministry of Shipping, Government of India and as Professor of IIT Kharagpur.

    His illustrious career started in the early 70s with a degree in Naval Architecture. Sri S C Misra then joined M/s Hindustan Shipyard Ltd .as a design engineer. In pursuit of higher education he went to UK and obtained his Ph. D degree in 1976 from University of New Castle upon Tyne, UK. Shortly after his return, he took up teaching at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. He has been a Professor and has held the position of Head of the Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering at IIT Kharagpur.

    He took over as Director of the NSDRC, later rechristened as IMU, Visakhapatnam Campus in 2009. After taking over he started an undergraduate and postgraduate program in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering and Dredging and Harbour Engineering. He was involved in a number of sponsored research and industrial consultancy projects. He has large number of publications in national and international journals and conferences.

    Prof Misra is a Fellow of INA, Mumbai, a fellow of RINA, London, Member of SNAME, a Fellow of I Mar E, IE(I), ISTE and others. Currently he has the following engagements:

    Chairman, naval research Board, DRDO, New Delhi
    Member, Technical committee, IRS, Mumbai
    Member, Indian Technical Committee, NKK, Japan
    Member PMCC of NIOT for coastal research vessels
    A part of General Consultant to Kerala Water Metro project of KMRL, Kochi
    President, Forum for River and Ocean Scientists and Technologists (FROST), Bhubaneswar
    Study of river systems, maritime and river transportation and maritime heritage of Odisha.

  • Dr. P Misra, Vice President, FROST

    Dr. P Misra did his engineering from DMET 69-73 and served for 11 years in the SCI and Univan in various capacities. He joined the DG Shipping in 1984 and retired in Dec 2012 as Joint DG (tech) and PO Chennai. Thereafter he has been a consultant and advisor to several universities, organizations and institutions. He is a consultant with IMO and GOI. He has published several books and serves in the peer and apex bodies of IIT research bodies and scientific institutions.

    He has the following qualifications which includes two PhDs. PhD (Engg), PhD (Mgmt), Extra first Class Engineer, MA (Economics), BG Law

    Specialization :: Vessel safety, Human Safety Analysis, Examination and certification Systems, Quality, Forensic Investigation.

    Research Papers :: 34 papers in international journals, 152 in national and peer reviewed journals.

    Project Undertaken:: Setting up of quality management systems, Examination and certification systems,Investigation of various accidents and incidents, Sailing and fishing vessel safety enhancements and systems, Seafarer welfare projects. He has audited 7 adminstrations in the Asia-pacific region and eastern Europe besides Australia.

    His professional associations are and not limited to MRInA, FIMarE, MSnamE, MICS, MINA, MIE, MEMIandC

    He can be reached at - purnendumisra@yahoo.com